from I N V A D E R by Twill Distilled



I am forever grateful for this person to have been in my life.


All heroes? They don’t wear capes
Some wear all black
Let me tell you the story of my hero
It started in oh-ten, let’s go back

To NYC, long city island queens
Get off the metro, can you feel the breeze
By the water side, this place be so bright
It feels serene, it feels so nice

I pass bodegas,
I climb the stairs
Fushigi feelings
I was unaware
Of what that summer held in store for me
This be the start of that story

Sat on the stairs, I scared her
Ah, gomenasai!
Introduced myself as the intern
I looked at her, my senpai

I wanted to design, we shared the same as
sewing phenomenal, she was so authentic
took me under her wing, and straightened me out
Taught me everything, like I had it figured out

The only one person in my life, who really gave me a chance
Understood who I was, didn’t write me off with a glance

Took the moment I needed to hear me out
Listened, comprehended, put me on a route

Took an opportunity, to water the seed
Who turned in to a late bloomer, that flower it was me.

(She’s so genuine)
Can’t explain what you did for me
(she’s so genuine)
I hope I express this properly
(She’s so genuine)
Cause I still feel these feelings
(She’s so genuine)
You’re a hero who saved me.

I was the worst in my class, ultimate disaster
My peers would tease and jest with laughter
And while I tried to take their words in stride
Deep down, it really hurt my pride
felt like my professors didn’t believe in me
Even though I knew they wanted me to succeed
But no one took the time to really explain
So I could fully grasp and put this knowledge in my brain

It was the first time I needed baby steps
It didn't come naturally but I couldn’t admit
Because unlike music and illustration
My sewing sucked, what was my malfunction

I could draw and design until the cows came home
And sew late until dawn, in the lab all alone
But when I was finished, all I could do was groan
My clothing was garbage, and that's where it was thrown.

She said,
Stop. Listen to me.
Because I really really really want you to succeed.
But if you don’t take the time to do things right
You’re never gonna make it, it’ll always be a fight

And you owe it to yourself and creativity
To execute designs, flawlessly
So I’m gonna break it down for you and make it easy
I see that you’re struggling and you really need me

(She’s so genuine)
Can’t explain what you did for me
(she’s so genuine)
I hope I can express this properly
(She’s so genuine)
Cause I still feel these feelings
(She’s so genuine)
You’re a hero who saved me.

A summer of rules, was a summer of fun
When I went back to school, I was number one
The kids who had always poked fun at me
Now needed my advice when it came to sewing

She taught me step by step
Rule by rule
Gave me the information
Taught me the tools
How to help myself, to better understand
And even now I use the steps to formulate a plan

Her lessons were not just about sewing
I applied them to my life, we call that growing
And now I can’t contain my smile it’s showing
Because of you, my heart, it is glowing

I hope I make you proud
I hope you see me from a far
To me I still aim to be like you
You’re a shining star

In the darkest part of my life
When it was all falling apart
You saw me, grabbed me by the hand
Appreciated my art

So please know even now if I’m not in fashion
Your life lessons impacted me in the biggest margin
You may have always called me imouto-penguin
But to me you’ll always be my sewing onee-chan

(She’s so genuine….)

Dominokōka wa, tan'itsu no akushon ga fukusū no kotonaru entiti ni taishite kōka ga aru to iu gainendesu.
Sono natsu, anata ga watashi no tame ni shita koto wa, kazoekirenai hodo no sokutei ni oite watashinojinsei o yori yoku shimashita.
Onēchan, arigatōgozaimashita.
Anata wa watashi ni sono natsu ni takusan no kazoekirenai hodo no jinsei no ressun o oshiemashita. ...
Shikashi (demo) mottomo jūyōna koto.
Anata wa watashi ni jiko kachi o oshiemashita.
Anata wa watashi ni jibun jishin o atsumeru yō ni oshiemashita.
Tsu no kōdō ga dominokōka o hikiokoshi, sore ga ima demo watashinojinsei ni ōku no yoi henka o motarashite imasu.
Onēchan, arigatō, eien ni arigatō.


from I N V A D E R, released August 28, 2019
Beat produced by Klopfenpop


all rights reserved



Twill Distilled Washington, D.C.

Washington DC | Baltimore, MD | DMV represent. Dirty Pop & HipHop artist. Wreck The System Label.

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